Making electronic claims and statements faster and easier for Medisoft® users

Our mission is to make it faster and easier for Medisoft® users, especially billing services, to send claims, download and post ERAs, and send patient statements.

PaperlessDoc®’s 1-click billing for Medisoft® users makes electronic billing and patient statements much easier and faster than the cumbersome Revenue Manager, Statement Manager, and print image.

Doctors’ offices and billing services send all their claims (primary, secondary, and tertiary) for all their practices with 1 click; download and post all their ERAs with 1 click; and create, batch, and send all their patient statements with 1 click!

Customers who used Medisoft’s® Revenue Manager and Statement Manager before getting PaperlessDoc® tell us that it is much easier to send claims and statements and post payments with PaperlessDoc®.

Other companies put you on hold, and the person who helps you can be a new hire who doesn’t know the answer to your question. With PaperlessDoc®, you get someone with 24 years of experience in electronic billing and Medisoft®.

We take an advocacy role for our customers, and talk to the clearing house and carriers for you. We speak their language, so we can get to the bottom of the situation and tell you what you need to do to fix it. Because carriers and clearing houses are big companies that can’t make changes quickly, we change our software quickly to make work-arounds when our customers have problems, even when the problem is with a carrier.

If your claim is rejected or denied, we help you fix it so you will get paid.

We ask our customers how we can improve our software to help them do their job faster and easier.

We have lots of time-saving features so you have more time for other things. Why spend your time doing work the computer can do for you?

We charge an annual fee for the practice or billing service. There is no extra fee for extra doctors or practices.

If you don’t have PaperlessDoc, you probably pay per provider. When you move to PaperlessDoc, you won’t have to pay your clearing house fees anymore.

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