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Night Train, by PaperlessDoc®, Automates Billing Services using Medisoft®.

Like a robot, it reads through the Medidata folder sending claims or statements, or downloading and posting ERAs for all your practices with 1 click! It runs without intervention; you don’t even need to be there!

With Night Train, by PaperlessDoc®, you don’t have to open Revenue Manager or Statement Manager, and it doesn’t use print image.

There is no need to make a batch, wait, name the batch, log into the web site, upload the batch, then do it again for the other practices.

Night Train runs in the background, so you can check e-mail, write letters, surf the web, or go home while it is running!

A typical billing service with 40 practices sends primary, secondary, and tertiary claims for all their practices in 12 minutes; downloads and posts ERAs for all their practices in 12 minutes; creates and sends statements for 10 of the practices in 17 minutes! Can you do that?

Night Train Patient Statements for Billing Services

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