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Best Electronic Claims and Statements for Medisoft® Users.

"I save 40 hours each month since I switched to Night Train by PaperlessDoc®!" Marlin Rux, ABS

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About Us

Our mission is to make it faster.

Making electronic claims and statements faster and easier for Medisoft® users

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Medical Billing with Medisoft®

If you do your medical billing with Medisoft®, you probably love it except for the patient statements.
When I heard about BillFlash at a Medisoft® VAR meeting, I thought it sounded great. Our customers wouldn’t have to print and stuff patient statements anymore!

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Night Train.

Like a robot, it reads through the Medidata folder sending claims or statements, or downloading and posting ERAs for all your practices with 1 click! It runs without intervention; you don’t even need to be there!

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PaperlessDoc has saved our organization so much time!

PaperlessDoc has saved our organization so much time!  The program is user friendly and easy to operate.  My boss wanted to try another billing software; we did a comparison.

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