Patient Statements

Sending patient statements from Medisoft® doesn’t have to be a time-consuming nightmare!

OK, you use electronic patient statements to save time. You’re not folding and stuffing anymore, but how much time are you saving?

Statement Manager sends statements to all guarantors who owe money, if their statement is Ready to Send or Sent. You have to find the ones you don’t want to send again and change them to Challenge or write them off.

Our setup screen lets you choose how many times to send a statement if the guarantor is not paying, and what you want to do then: Automatically write off remainder balances up to a specified amount and/or flag the family as delinquent.

Our quick patient statements are professional looking, blue in color, and have a tear-off coupon with return envelope. We put the logos of the credit cards you take on the coupon, so patients can put their number on the coupon and mail it to you, instead of interrupting you with a phone call. The back of the coupon asks for change of address and/or insurance.

Why wait while graphics are added to your patient statements on your computer? PaperlessDoc lets the clearing house add the graphics!

Our statements use the submission count, rather than date arithmetic, when adding dunning messages. Your patients won’t get dunning messages just because you are slow sending statements! Patients who are making payments on their account do not get dunning messages.

Our follow-up report shows the patients who received a statement in the last batch that have not paid. It helps you prioritize follow-up efforts. An aging report would have patients who have not received statements yet and patients with old charges who are not likely to pay.

Follow Up

Our delinquent patients report lets the doctor indicate which ones to write off and which ones to send to collections.


You can write off charges that are too old to send on statements. If no one in the family has been seen since the date on the setup screen, the program will automatically generate adjustments and write off the charges.
We offer optional patient pay online.

When a patient pays online, we ask him if he prefers to get statements by e-mail. If so, we will send him e-mailed statements and charge you 25¢, instead of the 76¢ for printed statements. You send your statements to us the same way; you won’t even know which patients are getting e-mailed statements!
The doctor gets to design his landing page with logo and other information, such a contact info, FAQs, policies, etc.
If the doctor agrees, patients can set up payment plans, where their cards are automatically charged a certain amount each month until the balance is paid.

Other electronic patient statements programs just save the time it takes to print and stuff statements. PaperlessDoc does much more!

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