Claims and ERAs


PaperlessDoc® has integrated Medisoft® with Change Healthcare so doctors and billing services can send all their claims (primary, secondary, and tertiary) with 1 click and download and post all their payments with 1 click!


Enter your charges in Medisoft® and create claims.  Don’t go to Revenue Manager, go to PaperlessDoc® and click pdPOWERBILL.  That’s it!  With 1 click you send all your claims (primary, secondary, and tertiary!)

To download and post all your ERAs into the Medisoft® ledger, click pdPOWERPOST.

Customers who used Medisoft’s® Revenue Manager before getting PaperlessDoc® tell us that it is much easier to send claims and statements and post payments with PaperlessDoc®.

Most customers say our fees are less than they were paying their old clearing houses, which usually charge a monthly fee for each provider. PaperlessDoc® does not charge extra for extra providers or extra practices!

Our fees include all clearing house fees. You will not have to pay the per provider fee you are paying anymore!

As far as we know, PaperlessDoc® is the only way to send tertiary claims electronically from Medisoft®.

We take an advocacy role for our customers. When there is an issue with the clearing house or a carrier, we talk to them for you. We speak their language, so we can get to the bottom of the situation, log into your computer, and show you how to change your Medisoft® to fix it.

With PaperlessDoc®, you never get put on hold, and you get someone with 24 years of experience in electronic billing and Medisoft®.

Our payment posting is very quick and automatic. With 1 click you can download and post all your ERAs from all your payers. If you prefer, we have user-friendly options to choose to print and/or post certain checks or claims.

We don’t post denials, because many denials are mistakes that can be corrected so you can be paid. For the same reason, we warn you if the payer writes off the entire amount of a charge, above an amount specified by you.

If the primary crosses the claim over to the secondary, our ERA program marks the secondary “Sent,” so you know you don’t have to send it. If you don’t have a secondary in the case, it warns you that the patient has a secondary, so you won’t send a statement.

If you print secondary claims, you need to include a copy of the EOB. It takes a lot of time to blot out all other claims on the page and make a copy of just one claim on the EOB. With PaperlessDoc® payment posting, you can select one claim and print an EOB with just that one claim on it.

With electronic secondary billing, you avoid the time-consuming steps of copying EOBs and printing and stuffing secondaries and tertiaries.

We help you with the paperwork required to change clearing houses.

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