PaperlessDoc has saved our organization so much time!  The program is user friendly and easy to operate.  My boss wanted to try another billing software; we did a comparison. It took the other software 10 minutes to process a small client; it took PaperlessDoc a snap of the fingers to process the same client. Awesome program. It really works! MR, Billing Service

We use PaperlessDoc for Night Train billing and patient statements.  I have tried other billing software and none can compare.  The amount of time and energy saved with PaperlessDoc is immeasurable.  It’s like no other.  We love the ease of use.  We love PaperlessDoc. SM, Billing Service

I have more time to grow my business. One of our employees quit, and I didn’t replace her!”

NS, Billing Service

“I was reluctant to take on more clients, because I don’t want to hire. With Night Train, I don’t have to hire!”

SW, Billing Service

“I didn’t realize how much time PaperlessDoc® would save me. I put off buying it for 2 years. Now I have so much extra time!”

NC, Billing Service

“This is really fast! It’s not expensive. We’re thrilled!”

MS, Physical Therapy

“I couldn’t have added so many customers without hiring if I didn’t have Night Train by PaperlessDoc®!”

LM, Billing Service

“There is no work in the drawer. What should I do?”

KM, Billing Service

I like having someone to talk to. With the other guys, we wait on hold for 40 minutes, then get, ‘Call tomorrow, we’re too busy to talk to you today.’”

EA, Pediatrics

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