Medical Billing with Medisoft®

If you do your medical billing with Medisoft®, you probably love it …except for thepatient statements.

When I heard about BillFlash at a Medisoft® VAR meeting, I thought it sounded great. Our customers wouldn’t have to print and stuff patient statements anymore!

So I sold it to the owner of a 40-practice billing service. She didn’t have to print and stuff anymore, but she still had to use Statement Manager!

She complained that it ruined her weekends! She figured out how long each step would take for each practice, so she could schedule them. She would start with Dr. Smith’s practice, go to Statement Manager, click create statements, then go put dinner in the oven. While the dinner was cooking, she would check to see if the create statements step was done. When it was done, she would click to make the batch, then go eat dinner. She had to key in a name for the batch, go to the BillFlash website, enter a login and password, click on Dr. Smith’s practice, and upload the batch.

Next, she would open Dr. Jones’ practice in Medisoft®, go to Statement Manager, and click create statements, then watch TV while the create statements step ran. Next, she would open Dr. Jones’ practice in Medisoft®, go to Statement Manager, and click create statements, then watch TV while the create statements step ran.

This process was repeated over and over, interrupting her fun on the weekend. She couldn’t relax.

When I told The Wizard about this, he made add-on software to make and send statements for all the practices in a billing service with 1 click!

If they don’t want all the calls at the same time of the month, a billing service can separate their practices and send statements for half the practices at the beginning of the month, and the rest of them at the middle of the month, for example.

Medisoft® and BillFlash statements send statements for all patients who owe money, unless you find the ones you don’t want to send again and write off the remainder or change the status of the statement to Challenge or Done. All of this takes TIME.

PaperlessDoc® patient statements lets you specify how many times you want to send a statement. If the patient isn’t paying, it stops sending it automatically, but continues sending to patients who are making payments on large charges (without dunning messages.) Optionally, it will change everyone in the family to red (or whatever color you want) and/or write off the remainder up to a maximum amount.

One customer with a 40-practice billing service told me he saves 40 hours a month since he changed from BillFlash to PaperlessDoc’s® Night Train patient statements! He saves so much time, he went on partial retirement! That’s hard to believe, but if you watch our 11-minute video, you will understand.

He used to go to Statement Manager to look for all patients who had already gotten 4 statements, then bring up their transactions to see if they had paid. If they had not paid, he entered adjustments to write off the small remainders, or went to Statement Manager to change the large statements to Challenge.

Now with 1 click, he sends statements for all the practices every Monday, to patients who have not gotten statements in the last 28 days, but not to the patients who have already gotten 4 statements without making payments!

PaperlessDoc® has a setup screen where billers specify how they want their statements sent. After the initial setup, everything is automatic! It contains login and password, so there is no need to enter them every time you send a batch. You don’t even have to change from practice to practice in Medisoft® or send the batches separately!

Night Train patient statements runs in the background, so you can use your computer for other things while it is running, unlike Medisoft®, which takes over your computer. You don’t even have to be there!

BillFlash has gotten faster, but you still have to go through all the steps in all the practices.

PaperlessDoc® also has 1-click billing for claims and ERA for billing services. They can send ALL their claims (primary, secondary, and tertiary) for ALL their practices with 1 click and download and post ALL their ERAs for ALL their practices with 1 click!

PaperlessDoc® works great for single practices, too!

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