Medisoft upgrade sale!

Medisoft® is having a huge sale on pre-orders of Version 23!

Depending on your current version, you can save 20% to 40% on your upgrade!  We need your order by 10/31/2018.

V23 has enhancements to the A/R Tracker, introduced in V22, such as color coding.  There is a timely filing calculator, so you can see the date each claim must be received by the payer to avoid timely filing rejections.  Each payer has a different timely filing period and it’s easy to get confused how many days you have to send each claim.  With the new A/R Tracker, you will never get a timely filing rejection again.

The A/R tracker helps you prioritize your work.  Instead of printing an aging report, you pop up a list of unpaid claims sorted in ways that are helpful to you.

With V23, you can save scans of policy cards in the patient’s case in the policy tabs.

Medisoft’s pricing favors customers who upgrade every year.  Don’t think you are saving money by waiting until next year to upgrade.  If you upgrade every year, you will spend less than if you upgrade every other year.  If you upgrade every other year, you spend less than if you let 2 upgrades go by before upgrading.

Medisoft® supports 3 versions.  When V23 comes out in December, only Versions 21, 22, and 23 will be supported.

If you have a problem with Version 19 or 20, we will do our best to help you.  But if we can’t fix the problem and ask Medisoft for help, they will tell us to have you upgrade.

Medisoft® will not upgrade Revenue Manager on unsupported versions!  If you or a friend are using an unsupported version of Medisoft® and don’t want to upgrade, you can use PaperlessDoc® for electronic billing.  PaperlessDoc® works with Versions 19 and above.

Version 19 does not work with Windows 10.  If you need to buy a new computer, you will have to upgrade your Medisoft®.

When you buy Medisoft® from PaperlessDoc®, there is no need to purchase a maintenance contract.  We support Medisoft® over the phone, charging only for the time we actually spend helping you.

Call 800-583-9257 for prices and other questions.

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